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What is Saco?

I wonder how Saco differs from other unions. Why should I become a part of Saco?


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    Saco, Sveriges akademikers centralorganisation (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations), is a confederation of 21 independent unions for graduate professionals. In total, we number 700,000 graduates. Saco promotes issues relevant to graduate professionals and works to ensure that education pays, through opinion building and our own courses and activities. Saco will develop and improve employment conditions and professional practice for graduate professionals in Sweden. Our actions are founded upon common values that arise from education, knowledge and expertise of the Saco union members. The brochure “ has brief information about Saco, including the issues that Saco and the unions work with and information about the Saco student council and Saco pay statistics.

    Josefin Redaktör

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